Data Receiver and Decoder

Data Receiver and Decoder

8 months
Satellite Size:
Addnics Data Receiver and Decoder is a receiver and decoder for mission data. It converts downlink signals from the satellite to 140 MHz IF signals and outputs data after MSK decoding, Viterbi decoding, frame synchronization, and Reed Solomon decoding.
  • ・ MSK decode function

    ・ Viterbi decode function (R=1/2,K=7)

    ・ Descramble function

    ・ Frame synchronization function

    ・ Reed Solomon decode function (255,223)

  • RX I/F Frequency:
    140 MHz
    Modulation Scheme:
    MSK(QPSK optional)
    Decode Symbol Rate:
    2.5Msps / 5Msps / 10Msps / 20Msps
    Data Bit Rate:
    1.25Mbps / 2.5Mbps / 5Mbps / 10Mbps
    Frame synchronization flag:
    Power Supply:
    482.6mm × 300mm × 88mm(19-inch rack-mount type)
  • ・ Distributer: HTL Co. Japan Ltd.

    ・ Warranty Condition: TBD

    ・ Warranty Period: TBD