Earth Sensor for Satellites

Earth Sensor for Satellites

6 months
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The Earth sensor is a device for determining the attitude of a micro satellite at an
altitude of about 500 km.
4 pieces of multi-pixel array of thermopile sensors detect Earth edge to calculate the
roll angle and the pitch angle. Its compact design is suitable for Micro-Satellites.
  • ・ RoHS nonconformity

    ・ Made in Japan

    ・ Low cost using COTS hardware

    ・ No cooling system required

    ・ Can be used for both of sunlight and eclipse.

    ・ Flight proven

    ・ Suitable for Earth oriented micro-satellites

  • Detector:
    COTS based Thermopile Sensor
    Operating temperature range:
    -25 to +60 °C
    < 250 g
    33 deg × 4 arrays
    Power Consumption:
    < 1 W
    40 x 40 x 55 mm (flange and screw not included)
    +/- 1.5 deg
    Power Supply Voltage:
    -5 to +5 V
    1. Satellite
    2. Year
    3. Developer
    4. Inclination (deg)
    5. Altitude (km)
    Satellite: SOCRATES
    Year: 2014
    Developer: Advanced Engineering Services Co.,Ltd.
    Inclination (deg):
    Altitude (km):628