S-band Telemetry Transmitter

S-band Telemetry Transmitter

8 months
Satellite Size:
Addnics S-band Telemetry Transmitter is a high-performance transmitter for nano/microsatellites. This component features the same dimension as the A88 series (80 mm x 80 mm) and can be installed in a 1U CubeSat.
  • ・ UART or SPI Input

    ・ Convolution (k=7/r=1/2) and scrambling (V.35)

    ・ Syncronous code insertion (optional)

    ・ AX.25 flag insertion, zero fill, NRZI conversion (optional)

    ・ The basic circuit design was validated on-orbit by Ksat-2 (Kagoshima University) and RAIKO (Tohoku University).

  • TX Frequency
    1 channel between 2250 MHz to 2300 MHz (user specified)
    Modulation Type
    TX RF Output Power
    0.1W Typ
    Data Rate
    200kbps (user data rate is 100kbps)
    Power Supply Voltage
    +5V to +12V      
    Data Interface
    Operating Temperature
    -20℃ to +60℃
    Dimensions / Mass
    80 mm x 80 mm x 15 mm / 120g
  • ・ Warranty Period: TBD

    ・ Warranty Condition: TBD

    ・ Distributer: HTL Co. Japan Ltd.