Testing of Nanosatellite System and Components

Testing of Nanosatellite System and Components

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CeNT operates facilities specialized in space environmental testing of nanosatellites up to 50 cm and 50 kg class. CeNT has test facilities for thermal shock, out-gas measurement, thermo-optical measurement, vibration, antenna pattern, thermal vacuum, thermal cycle, and more. Conducting these various tests in one place not only saves time, but also ensures traceability and consistency of test data.
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    ・ Sinusoidal vibration, random vibration, sine-burst

    ・ Shock test

    ・ Thermal vacuum, thermal balance, vacuum functional, baking

    ・ Thermal cycle test

    ・ Outgas test conforming to ASTM E-595

    ・ Thermo-optical property measurement

    ・ Antenna parttern measurement, electromagnetic compatibility

    ・ Assembly, integration, and test in a cleanroom

  • Vibration Test
    15 Grms for a 50 kg satelite
    Shock Test
    4000 G
    Large Thermal Vacuum Chamber
    φ 1500 mm x L 1700 mm, LN2 shroud
    Small Thermal Vacuum Chamber
    φ 300mm x L 500 mm, LN2 shroud
    Large Thermal Chamber
    -190 oC - +200 oC, W 600 × D 600 × H 900 mm
    Small Thermal Chamber
    -190oC - +200 oC, W 350 × D 250 × H 200 mm
    80 m^2, ISO Class 8 or better