UHF Transmitter

UHF Transmitter

6 months
Satellite Size:
Addnics UHF Transmitter is a high-performance and compact transmitter for 1U CubeSats. It contains a AX.25 converter, allowing the user to easily to downlink data by simply inputting UART serial signal.
  • ・ UART or SPI data input (optional)

    ・ Convolution (k=7/r=1/2) and scrambling (V.35) (optional)

    ・ Synchronous code insertion (optional)

    ・ AX.25 flag insertion, zero fill, NRZI conversion (optional)

  • TX Frequency
    435~438 MHz
    TX Power
    0.8W(+20%, -50%)
    9600bps (GMSK) / 1200bps (AFSK)
    Frequency Stability
    Signal Interface
    Operation Temperature
    -20°C to +60°C
    Dimensions and Mass
    60mm x 38 mm x 10.5 mm / 26g
  • ・ Warranty Period: TBD

    ・ Warranty Condition: TBD

    ・ Distributer: HTL Co. Japan Ltd.