X-band Telemetry Transmitter

X-band Telemetry Transmitter

10 months
Satellite Size:
Addnics X-Band Telemetry Transmitter is a high performance, low cost transmitter that employs RF power efficient MSK modulation scheme.
  • ・ Reed Solomon encode function (255, 223)

    ・ Convolution (k=7/r=1/2) and scrambling (V.35) functions

    ・ Synchronous code insertion (1ACFFC1D)

  • TX Frequency
    Modulation Scheme
    TX RF Output Power
    2W Typ
    TX Frequency Stability
    < ±10ppm
    Maximum Bit Rate
    10Mbps / 5Mbps / 2.5Mbps / 1.25Mbps
    Data Interface
    Power Supply Voltage
    +18V to +36V      
    Operating Temperature
    -20°C to +60°C
    Dimensions / Mass
    120 mm x 100 mm x 70 mm / 1200 g
    1. Satellite
    2. Year
    3. Developer
    4. Inclination (deg)
    5. Altitude (km)
    Satellite: UNIFORM
    Year: 2014
    Developer: Wakayama University
    Inclination (deg):97
    Altitude (km):628
  • ・ Warranty Period: TBD

    ・ Warranty Condition: TBD

    ・ Distributer: HTL Co. Japan Ltd.