Terms of Use

The Infostellar Inc (hereinafter referred as “Infostellar”) operates the Makesat.com website (see https://makesat.com (hereinafter referred as “the Website”). This Terms of Use is for all users need to know and follow for the Website. We assume that you have read the Terms of Use and agreed with them when you use the Website.

Infostellar has rights to revise the Terms of Use anytime. You are encouraged to read the Terms of Use each time because Infostellar is not responsible for notification of any changes.

We assume you have read and agreed with any revisions if you use the Website.

Infostellar Liability

1. The Website provide “Places” of transactions for customers. “Transactions” such as shopping, request for information, and usage for electronic bulletin boards are made directly between customers and “Service Providers” (Providers of transaction items or services such as stores, operators of other services and products). Infostellar is not a party in charge for Transactions and Infostellar is not responsible for Transactions. Therefore, customers and Service Providers have to settle any troubles which may arise directly or a result from Transactions.

2. Please ask Service Providers directly for information about them, conditions of Transactions, Transaction items, Services, contents in Service Providers’ websites and policies for personal information. Infostellar bears no responsibilities for authenticity, accuracy, newness, utility, reliability, legitimacy, infringements of third parties rights in the information.

3. Infostellar is not responsible for any damages for customers from interruption, delay, discontinuation of systems, missing data due to failure of communication lines and/or computers, damages from unauthorized access to Infostellar data and any damages from Infostellar Services.

4. Infostellar does not guarantee that emails, and contents from Infostellar Web pages, Infostellar Server, Infostellar Domain are virus free and harmless.

5. Infostellar may give customers and Service Providers information and advice, however, Infostellar will not take any responsibilities of third parties results from such actions.

6. Even if the Website contains links to and from other websites on the Internet, Infostellar shall not, for any reason, be responsible for any websites other than the Website or any information obtained therefrom.

Request for following rules and conditions

Infostellar may have their own rules and conditions other than the Terms of Use. Agreement to these rules and conditions is necessary to use these services. Please read carefully and follow rules and conditions.


The following actions are prohibited for customers to use the Website. Any violation may result in restrictions of Transactions and/or rejection of future Transactions. Customers are responsible to pay compensation for any damages which may arise from their illegal acts made against the Infostellar, such as (1) Violation of rights, interests and defamation of Infostellar, other customers, Service Providers and any other third parties, (2) Wrongful orders without actual intention of their payments, Transactions with identify thief, providing false information, any wrongful acts, (3) Illegal acts, or (4) Violation of rules and terms defined by Infostellar.

Registration of necessary information

Infostellar may ask customers to register for services when they are needed. In this case, the Website registration is a condition to use services.

Infostellar Privacy Policy

Infostellar handles personal information according to its Privacy Policy.

Services from the Website

Infostellar holds rights to change and/or discontinue entire or a part of services from the Website.

Governing law and Arbitration

Relationship between Infostellar and its customers is governed by Japanese laws. Tokyo District Court is the first and exclusive court of jurisdiction for any litigation should it arise.

End of Terms of Use
Revision on August 1, 2016