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Band Pass Filter

Vendor: RftestLab Co.,Ltd.
2~3 weeks
Price: Ask
Band pass filter for satellites
  • ・ Features an insertion loss of 0.16 dB, making it a suitable low loss filter for deep space communications

    ・ Extensive manufacturing experience with various filters (coaxial, waveguide, etc.)

    ・ Capable of in-house manufacturing of filters for various frequencies from microwaves to 110 GHz

    1. Satellite
    2. Year
    3. Developer
    4. Inclination (deg)
    5. Altitude (km)
    Satellite: IKAROS
    Year: 2010
    Developer: JAXA/ISAS
    Inclination (deg):
    Altitude (km):
    Satellite: UNITEC-1
    Year: 2009
    Developer: UNISEC
    Inclination (deg):
    Altitude (km):
  • ・ Warranty Period: 1 year