Magnetometer for Satellites

Magnetometer for Satellites

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Integrate on a small satellite to measure the magnetic field in space for attitude control.
  • ・ Stable and highly accurate measurement enabled by ring-core sensor fluxgate magnetometer

    ・ Operation with a single power supply

    ・ Analog voltage output

    ・ Compact, lightweight, and low power consumption

  • Power Supply Voltage:
    Power Consumption:
    less than 1 W (Power supply voltage:12V, At normal temperature)
    Measurement Range:
    +/- 64000 nT
    Alignment Accuracy:
    +/- 1 deg
    Output Level:
    0~5 V
    100 mm × 50 mm × 40 mm
    less than 220 g
    Operating Temperature Range:
    -30~+60 ℃
    1. Satellite
    2. Year
    3. Developer
    4. Inclination (deg)
    5. Altitude (km)
    Satellite: SDS-4
    Year: 2009
    Developer: JAXA
    Inclination (deg):98
    Altitude (km):696