S-Band Transceiver

S-Band Transceiver

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Integrate on a small satellite to receive commands from the ground and transmit telemetry to the ground using the 2 GHz band.
  • ・ 1 Mbps high-speed communication (QPSK)

    ・ Switching between USB/QPSK transmission and coherent (2-way doppler)/incoherent mode is available

    ・ Status monitoring of the transceiver (transmission and reception status, internal temperature, and the settings for each mode)

    ・ USB transmission can be achieved with just the upper section of the equipment

    ・ Designed to withstand the harsh environment of small satellites

  • RX Fequency/Modulation/RX Sensitivity/Subcarrier Frequency/Command Bit Rate:
    2 GHz Band/PCM(NRZ-L)-PSK-PM/less than -90 dBm/16 kHz/4 kbps
    USB TX Frequency/Modulation/TX Output/Telemetry Bit Rate:
    2 GHz Band/PCM(Biφ -L)-PM/+10 dBm (typ.)/16 kbps
    QPSK TX Frequency/Modulation/TX Output/Telemetry Bit Rate:
    2 GHz Band/QPSK/+27 dBm (typ.)/1 Mbps
    Power Supply Voltage:
    +17~35 VDC
    Power Consumption:
    less than 2.5 W (standby), less than 3.5 W (USB TX), less than 15 W (QPSK TX)
    Operating Temperature Range:
    -10~+50 ℃
    198 × 120 × 38.8 mm
    Mass (nominal):
    1.65 kg
    1. Satellite
    2. Year
    3. Developer
    4. Inclination (deg)
    5. Altitude (km)
    Satellite: SDS-4
    Year: 2009
    Developer: JAXA
    Inclination (deg):98
    Altitude (km):696